Monday, 22 April 2013

Stripes And Stripes

Lately, on sewing blogs and the high street, it seems like stripes have fallen out of favor. Maybe it's because polka-dots have stolen the limelight or because they can be really hard to wear well but I think it's a little unfair. (Yes, ignore my polka-dot dress.)

I've got some stripy blue and white fabric in my stash that'll make some lovely tops but I'll be thinking about doing something more directed as well.

If stripes on an entire garment sounds a bit scary, then take a gander at these pretty buttons! They're so cute and quirky. I can just imagine a row of them down the front of a block coloured top.

You can't see the stripes as well on this one even with the bigger picture. The green and white stripes are really thin and it's quite a nice effect if you ask me. I also like the plain bow as an addition.

And for something to remind you of a simpler time, doesn't this make you think of ridiculously long mens swimming suits in black and white pictures? I'd love to wear this at the beach!

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