Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Inspiration: Corseted Jackets

I was drooling at the clothes on etsy.com, as I love to do, and I saw something in the vintage section that made me grin. It's a Jean Paul Gautier boned jacket in a linen/silk blend with lacing up the back for sale here. As a pear-shape/hourglass both jackets with cinched in waists and corsets are good for my body so I really want something like this!

The authentic jacket is $349 (about £240) so it's definitely out of my price range. I doubt I'm even going to spend that much on a wedding dress.

I had a look on Google to see if there were any interesting variations on the style and found something that's a bit more me. It's basically the same jacket with a lot more emphasis on the boning and a generally more alternative look. I found it at 1st Dibs and since they bill themselves as very exclusive you have to log in just to see the price.

For some reason the longer I look at the two jackets the more I prefer the top one. It's more simple and stylish and the shape seems to work better. I'm not a fan of the binding on the outside.

But I can't just look at jackets from one designer!

This jacket is from a small designer from the Netherlands, Skeletons In The Closet Clothing, and the picture was on their Deviant Art page. They do made to measure corsets and dresses so if you want one and you aren't a sewer or just can't stand the hassle then give them a look.

I love the fabric and the general style, especially the bodice and the lower sleeves and cuffs but I suspect mutton chop sleeves like these would make my quite muscular arms look very big. That being said, it would look amazing on someone with a pear shape to balance the shoulders with the hips.

The original source for the next one is a dead link but I found it on Tumblr. It's so stylish and sophisticated that I don't think you could ever wear it and feel less than awesome. Maybe it's the black and white photography that's making me think that, but I doubt it. If I had one of these I'd definitely wear it with a top hat. :-D

Don't worry, this next one is the last one. It's at Amazon for £52.95. If I have a go at making myself a laced jacket, this one is probably the one I'll be trying to emulate (for the first one at least). The colour is a luscious wine velvet and I love the cuffs with black lace that will slip down over the wrist and the hand. If I was designing it I'd start the lace on the front edge a little lower but that's about it.


I know that this might all feel a bit like mental masturbation and time wasting but I think looking at designs and different takes on the same idea is important for finding out what I like and what I want to make for myself.

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