Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Did You Miss Me?

I got back from holiday about 7pm and after sticking a load of jeans in the machine and washing the dishes (some of which had been lying around since pancake day) I couldn't wait to put some time into my sewing projects. It was only a bit of ironing, but boy did it feel good!

I ironed the blue flowery fabric that I'm going to make a top out of and a sheet of pattern tracing paper to trace off the last three pieces of the pattern so I can fold up the original pattern and not have to get it out again unless I change size again.

Talking of changing size, I'm pretty sure I've put on some weight over my holiday. That's okay. When I meet up with my brothers or my parents it generally results in eating a lot. I'm hoping to be down to my goal weight for next Whitby Goth Weekend in September/October time (when I'll probably put some back on).

I used the 'souvenir excuse' to buy some fabric from the little cloth shop before we left. The pictures aren't very good but the two on the outside are similar splotchy fabric and the one in the middle has a metallic pattern like thin splatter.

I'm planning to turn at least one or two of them into blouses, so stay tuned.

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