Thursday, 18 April 2013

A New Project

I've finally started on my Newlook 6705 top. I only ironed the pattern paper and copied one piece today but I'll have more time tomorrow. I went on a date today and watched two movies so I have a decent excuse.

The fact that I was on a date didn't stop me from going to the fabric shop, but he enjoys it at least half as much as I did and bought clay to practice making dolls faces so I don't feel to bad.

When we were in the craft shop I noticed a book of craft paper and found some with little flowers. I asked why it couldn't be fabric instead, so when we saw some that was amazingly close in the bargain bin he encouraged me to buy it. I got that and a meter of white interfacing for NL6705.

I've been trying not to buy as much fabric at the moment because money is a bit tight, but it's also got me thinking about pattern cutting. As you probably know, sewing patterns from the big companies are for non-commercial use and if I want to sell homemade clothes I'll have to make my own designs.

Luckily I've had these books lying around for about 8 years.

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