Saturday, 6 April 2013

Jeffree Star

When this post goes up I'll be wandering round town looking at clothes and having fun. That's a really weird thought.

Back to the topic! When I want to listen to music on my computer I don't like to just stick on the ones I have downloaded. I subscribe to something called which means I can listen to my favorite music but I can also ask it to recommend music based on what I already listen to.

I not only discover music I like but I also have a tenancy to look at what the artists wear in their pictures. Jeffree Star is someone who's style I adore. It's playful and ridiculous and I have a strange attraction to messing with gender.

Jeffree really doesn't seem to wear colour that isn't dialed up to 11. It's all black, white and neon, and seriously cute accessories.

Pretty little Hello Kitty necklaces and huge hair can make even the plainest looking outfit exciting! Even if this isn't a look that most people would consider I think it's useful to be able to extract the essence of an outfit like this and create something that uses that but also fits into our own aesthetic. If I was going to make an outfit based on this I'd make myself the simple black dress with contrasting waistband and then accessorize with a pretty, girly necklace and a pink hair clip to the front on one side.

I'd probably avoid the birds though.

This is quite a simple style shirt-dress but the colours are great. I like the one colour outfit with the highly contrasting accent (in this case the hair and possibly the lolly) and simple findings that hold their own.

The hair in this picture is absolutely ridiculous, but the jackets are actually quite wearable. I like the raged edges and the tie-die denim. I could almost see myself wearing it in a slightly different style (and with a top underneath).

This last one is getting closer to something I'd wear. I have been known to strut around in stockings and mini skirts, but only every now and again.

Maybe you haven't gained that much from this post, other than a greater appreciation of my attraction to colour and shiny things, but I've gotten a couple of ideas from it. I won't be turning my entire wardrobe into a Jeffree Star homage but I might try bringing some more cute details and neons into my outfits.

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