Wednesday, 3 April 2013

A New Style Discovery

This is a little embarrassing for me.

I have a guilty secret, and that guilty secret is that in some things I am terribly mainstream. That makes me sound like a hipster, and maybe I am a little, but mostly it comes from my brothers. My older brother is a goth who watches Startrek and listens to a type of music I can't even put a name to, and my little brother is a nerd with a ginger beard, a pipe and a bowler hat who listens to Queen on his turntable.

What I don't want to tell them is how much I like the TV program Glee.

Now that I've bared my soul and told you how much I like singing, dancing characters built to appeal to teens, I should probably tell you why I brought it up.

In episode 16 of the current series one of the characters did a performance as Nicki Minaj. I'd never come across this singer before and I couldn't help but sit up and take notice.

Even though I would never have found Nicki through her music, it's not what I go searching for, it's been playing over and over again on my mp3 player. I love how she has her own style and is willing to wear anything if it works for her, even if people might tell her she looks ridiculous. I want to be able to shed some of my fear of rejection, even if I never plan to wear a neon pink beehive.

Hairstyle aside, there are parts of this outfit I love. I love the purples, I love the contrasting belt with the shape of the bodice, I love the shape of the overbust seam and I love that she did a refashion on her Chanel boots.

In this picture I like that her more toned down look still reflects her personal style and her scarfs look like something you can get very easily but paired with each other and in the right outfit they look unique.

It seems like every designer or fashion student trying to live dangerously needs something with part of a skeleton on, even my brother made a top with a spine for high school Art, but this one looks different enough  to be a bit new. It's gold shapes sewn on to a plain pink dress, but it just goes to show that establishments can be as simple or as wacky as you want them to be.

Now this outfit looks very like something I saw last Thursday at a party. Not surprising as it's just a corset and a circle skirt. The local girl's was in white with cartoon panels on the skirt with the advantage of a UV light and, arguably, looked more stylish.

Of all the outfits I found, this last one is definitely my favorite. It's a cute little dress in a really nice colour and I've always been a sucker for the frilly gathered skirts. If I could choose to take home one of her looks I'd definitely be wearing this dress.

Also, have you noticed this woman's tights? I know fashion tights are all over the eBay and Amazon but I do adore them. :)

And a last word on the glee episode? I think Lauren Potter's (Becky's) outfit was the best. :)

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