Tuesday, 23 April 2013

I'm A Little Bit Dotty!

I've already said it, but polka dots seem to be a big thing at the moment, and I'm happy with that. The combination of a snazzy look and not needing that much matching up is great if you're making your own clothes, or just buying them.

You can't talk about polka dots without talking about 50s dresses. It's an obvious combination that a lot of sellers and home sewers have made so there's almost an overabundance of them.

That being said, they do look good...

For something a bit more out there, how about latex undies? Maybe not something that's as universally flattering as the 50s dress but they have their own charm. I especially like the gloves.

As a happy medium, how about these shorts? They're childrens (sadly) and are really cute and funky with the white trim and buttons.

(polka dot shorts source)

You may be wondering where my very own polka dot dress has been lurking? Sadly, it's still not finished. What can I say? The desperate rush at the end kind of sapped my energy. I've been slowly sewing up the hems and it should be ready for May but I'm not in a huge rush any more.

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