Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Home At Last!

I'm finally back in my own bed. I got the train back around 3, with a bit of shopping on either end, and even managed to get some crafting done.

I ironed my toile fabric (a poly-cotton with little dots that's a lot more see through than I remembered) and pinned two of the pattern pieces to it. I'm going to pin the rest and start cutting tomorrow.

I've never been a big shoe shopper and you can definitely tell by looking at my collection. I have three pares, some walking shoes my mum got me for college, black high heals that really hurt my feet and a pare of New Rock boots with fur trim.

I decided I needed more, some party shoes that I could walk in and that didn't overpower the rest of my outfit, but since I'm a cheapskate I turned to charity shops.

I found these black and white beauties in the British Heart Foundation in my size (6) for a tenner so I'm pretty happy. The black parts are swaid and the white is covered in pearlescent glitter. They don't look like they've even been worn and the one that's standing up in this photo still has a pristine sticker on the toe.

In the charity shops in Stoke I found a nice necklace and the perfect thin black belt before they closed. I might have another look tomorrow.

When I got home there was a package on my mat full of these adorable little charms. They're little silver charms that say 'Hand Made' and I was thinking of sewing them onto the clothes I make.

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