Friday, 19 April 2013

Pattern Review Challenge

I've decided to enter my first contest over at Pattern Review! I didn't even realize they did them until I started reading through the old posts at Male Pattern Boldness but now I really want to become part of the community and have some fun competing.

The contest I've entered is 2013 Accessory Inspirations. You might have noticed the icon on the side bar of the blog that I put up a while ago, but it was a bit hard to get really excited till our inspiration photo was uploaded.

We're supposed to be basing our sewing project on these gorgeous pair of shoes:

I like them but it feels a bit odd basing an outfit on a pair of shoes I don't have. I have big ideas for what I want to do and I have till the beginning of may to collect the components I need so I've got something to channel my enthusiasm into, including buying my own shoes to go with it.

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