Saturday, 13 April 2013

Frilly, Frilly Petticoats!

The clothes I want to make seem to be a nice mix of the old fashioned and the vaguely ridiculous, and what would either of those be without petticoats? I'm ashamed to admit that I've never worn a petticoat. When you live in baggy jeans and second hand trousers there really isn't the need, but as I start making my dream wardrobe you'll be seeing a lot of 50s dresses and petticoats to puff them out.

I've been having a little snoop at the different types of petticoats available to buy and I've had a lot of fun. These two seem to be the simplest types with waistband and gathered waist.

The first one, a simple white cotton skirt to wear under clothes, seems to be there more to protect the upper layers more than to add bulk. It also stops your skirt/dress getting caught on your tights. The second is a lace, ruffle bottom slip that's a bit more ornate than the other but not by much. It's just a couple of rectangles sewn together with some elastic and really easy to make.

The next one is built like every tutu you've ever seen, it's just netting gathered in a waistband. It's easy to make but can be quite itchy and add bulk to the wrong places.

With this petticoat we're starting to get to the shapes I like. This is a 50s style petticoat so it's a shape I know I work well with and this may sound childish but it feels fun to spin in. :-)

Finally, the fluffy little Lolita style petticoats. They may not be something you can wear every day but they feel really special if you get them out every now and again.

One thing is for certain, I need some. :)

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