Monday, 8 April 2013

A Sad Lack Of Capelets

I know a lot of you won't be interested in my little detail posts but if you can put up with my daily updates you can put up with this. These posts are starting to make me realise that my personal taste is often quite a bit more theatrical then my wardrobe, but when I'm getting ready in the morning I tend to just grab the closest top and bottom that fit me and look kind of okay (and then lounge around the house feeling kind of depressed, but that's another issue).

One item of clothing I definitely want to add to my active wardrobe is caplets. They look so cute and old fashioned but quite stylish and immediately make an outfit look thought out. Am I the only one who thinks that?

Firstly a little point about spelling. It seems that caplet is the correct spelling, but capelet is widely used as well, so make sure to search for both if you look online!

The caplet with grey roses looks complicated, but since the ribbon was part of the fabric it would be a lot simpler to make. You can even make the roses on the fabric yourself. It's beautiful combined with a simple matching dress.

The second caplet looks like it was pulled out of someones sepia toned dreams of the past. It's made out of layers of lace and looks really dainty and girly. I love the addition of pearls to make it that little bit more romantic.

I don't think this quite counts as a caplet but it's similar enough that I wanted to include it to give a bit more variety and some ideas. The lace section does up with a zip at the back and the waist is loose and tightened with a cord. The seller is describing this as a prom dress but I think it looks more like a nightgown.

The purple dress is a simple kind of style to the pink one but the bodice construction is different. The bodice zips up the back and the three layers of mock-caplet are split at the back. It looks very simple, and it is, but it gives a really pretty effect.

The zebra dress looks like it would be perfect on the beach. I've never seen the fabric coming down from a sleeveless top like this but it's pretty and very relaxed. It also looks like it would be really good if you don't want to add width to your shoulders.

This caplet and dress set really shows what I like about these clothes and is my favourite cut. When it's cut at the underbust level a caplet really emphasises the waist and draws attention to the difference in size between that and the shoulders. If that's your best area then it's worth some thought.

(black caplet with edging source)

These final two take this to the extreme! When you put a caplet over a corset you can't help but see the feminine shape. The two styles really work together as well, old fashioned and dressed up.

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