Monday, 1 April 2013

Me And My Body

I didn't do any crafting yesterday because I don't want to start something new till I'm at home and comfortable but I still wanted to post something.

I haven't put up any pictures of myself wearing the clothes I make and I've talked about dieting a bit so I wanted to talk about my relationship with my body. The first thing you have to know is that I LOVE my body! I'm not ashamed, I'm not obsessed with my weight, I love my breasts and my bigger, firm bottom.

The thing about liking my body is that I think it has the potential to be better. It could be healthier and I could definitely take better care of it. That's not just eating less calories but eating more fruit and veg, less sugar, drinking more water, moisturizing my skin every day and learning how to do more with my hair and makeup.

That being said, when you tell people you're on a diet they think of the woman who is perpetually yo-yo dieting and puts a cover over the mirror, especially when I mention my goal. I want to get down to 126 lbs and I've turned to a dieting system and supplements to achieve that.

That's right, I'm on the Slim Fast.

The whole 'fad diet' thing sets off alarm bells but the loosing the weight isn't where I want to focus, I want to concentrate on finding a healthier relationship with food and maintaining my weight.

On the other hand I'm shedding a quarter of my body!

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