Thursday, 9 May 2013

Would You Ever Buy A Toy Sewing Machine?

I'll be honest with you guys, I'm a child at heart. I love pretty dresses, fluffy toys, and riding my bike. I guess it's inevitable that my love of sewing and my love of toys would intersect.

(doll clothing source)
I think a lot of people got their first taste of sewing from making dolls clothes or little sewing kits. Mine was from a sew your own teddy set that was basically two pieces of felt cut into the shape of a bear that you had to sew together and fill with split peas. I loved that toy, even though he shed hard orange stuffing wherever he went and was eventually left in a park.

I even tried making a pair of trousers for a toy once, but I was young and didn't quite understand clothing construction. It was just two tubes of cloth sewn together at the crotch, no way for it to go higher than where her legs met, and after one more attempt at getting it to fit right I gave up and threw it away.

I didn't have my first experience with a sewing machine till high school, and even then it was just the brief construction of an oven glove in home economics.

(toy sewing machine source)
Toy sewing machines were definitely around when I was young, but I never got one, I probably wouldn't have used it that much if I did, but I still love the idea of them. I wonder if anyone does buy them? Someone has to, or they wouldn't still be selling them.

Most of the modern ones are simple, pink, plastic devices that look disposable and kinda pathetic. It looks like it'll go from new and expensive to depressing car-boot fodder without much space in between.

(toy singer source)
It wasn't always that way. Some of the older sewing machines are works of art. They still only do strait chain stitch and most are powered by a hand crank rather than modern batteries, but I think that adds to their appeal.

There are loads of toy sewing machines on eBay and I've been watching a few of them out of curiosity. Do I need one? No. But do I want one? Heck yes!

What do you guys think? Would you buy a toy sewing machine for your kids? What about yourself? Do you think I should?

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