Thursday, 2 May 2013

A Trip Home

It was obvious there wasn't going to be a lot of sewing today. I was going to be packing my bags (again) and trekking to my home time to visit my parents and enjoy the local festivities.

I did find time to go to the fabric shop, though. I grabbed some poly-cotton in red, blues and purples so I could make my toils like usual but be able to wear them without looking like an idiot. This whole Me-Made-May thing came along a lot faster than I was expecting and I have almost nothing to wear.

Taking of MMM, my item today is a bit of a cop out. One of the bags I packed was this old Vagabonds bag that I've fixed over and over again. Maybe I should let it die an honorable death one day but for now I'll keep stuffing it with junk that's too heavy and too big and sewing up the seams when they split.

I did get one bit of sewing done. I finally finished the hems on my 40s dress and I'll be donning it for my birthday.

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