Saturday, 11 May 2013

Do You Sew For Other People?

(ironing board source)
I wasn't able to do my interfacing yesterday, partly  because my ironing board broke and partly because I panicked about my boyfriend coming over for the first time. My house is full of junk and dust so I spent a couple of hours cleaning the kitchen and the bathroom and tidying up in general. There's nothing like fear of humiliation to get me motivated.

I inherited my ironing board from my mum when I first moved out four years ago. She never used it anymore, but I mostly left it propped up against the wall. When I got back into sewing I pulled it out of retirement, but couldn't find the cover so I ended up stretching one that was too small over it. Then something broke and now it won't stand up on it's own.

(matching clothing source)
I'll get a new ironing board some time this week or the next, but until then I wanted to talk about other people. The people in your life and who you love, and more specifically, their clothes. Have you ever sewn for someone else? Would you?

I've only ever sewn for myself, but I wouldn't draw the line there. I'd love to sew shirts for my boyfriend, make dresses for my mother, even knit a jumper for my father (he's been wearing ones made by his mother for 30 years, and they're finally falling apart with the help of moths).

I might have to get a bit better at fitting and construction, but one day I'll be popping out clothes for my whole family.

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