Thursday, 2 May 2013

A Birthday Meal And Me-Made-May

As some of you may know it's my birthday on the third of May, and my wonderful boyfriend decided to treat me with a meal and a thoughtful gift. I went to meet him at noon at his house in my Me-Made outfit and he presented me with a card and a little box.

The card was adorable, with little drawings on the envalope and the inside of the card. The box was wrapped in Victorian newspaper and tied with a brown ribbon, a little broach in the center of the bow. When I opened it up I found a working compass on a long copper chain that I can wear around my neck. It's just my style. :-)

We went to eat at a Japanese restaurant in Stoke to celebrate and I wore the first top I ever sewed. It was surprisingly appropriate, with flowers on red that closely resembled the painted walls and an obi belt that was probably as close to Japanese as any of my clothing gets at the moment.

In a not at all clothing related note, I've decided to start tying my hair in a plat when I'm not washing it. It gets all over the place and flops onto my pattern cutting paper when I'm tracing on the floor. I've also been told that platted hair doesn't brake as much and I want to grow it long.

I haven't had it cut for two years, since my 21st birthday when my Mum took the kitchen scissors to it. She was worried I'd regret it but I quite liked the look.

Any of you guys have any hair growing tips, good, bad, or just plain funny?

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