Sunday, 19 May 2013


Some of you might remember the accessories contest I talked about entering on Pattern Review a little while ago. I was planning to make a red dress in poly-cotton to enter but with the two holidays I took and life in general I didn't even get the pattern pieces cut out.

To be fair, I wasn't really prepared for it. I didn't do any preparation before the contest started and I wasn't exactly quick off the starting block. I only chose it because it was the best fit out of the ones starting soonish.

I learned a bit from it that I can take into my next attempt. I learned the importance of preparation, that I shouldn't leave anything to the last minute, and to not beat myself up about it if I don't do as well as I wanted.

I'm thinking of entering the Fabric Stash Contest, also over at Pattern Review, and using some of my home made patterns for that. I'll have ten days to make some up and I don't have much work to do at the moment. The best thing about this challenge is that I have such a ridiculously big stash. Even if I only do a little bit of sewing I'm winning in a way.

The person who won last year sewed about 100 yards, so maybe there will be a lot of circle skirts and full skirted dresses in my future? I think I have enough fabric.

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