Friday, 17 May 2013


I've been thinking about hoodies a lot lately. It's cold enough that you need to wear something if you want to go out but too hot for a big coat. It's the weather for a thin coat or a jacket, but I haven't worked on my jacket since the very start of this blog and I don't think I'm ready to make a coat.

In my teens I lived in hoodies. I didn't have a lot of confidence and I was kind of porky. I thought they hid my podge, but I know now they just made me look bigger. (It didn't help that I was usually wearing second hand ones from my brothers.)

I do believe that hoodies can be as flattering as jackets if they're cut right and the right size, it's just that they usually aren't. The style of hoodie I inhabated like an agraphobic hermit crab is the basic black sack with a band logo on the front and usually no zip, but searching on google and etsy has opened my eyes to the plethora of different styles out there.

This one has to be my favorite on etsy at the moment. It's based off of clothing in a video game. I love the necklace that clips across the front and it's a really flattering cut compared to most. It seems like to get a good cut you usually have to go with zippers, but I've seen it done without one.

Because of their shape hoodies are the go to garment for people who want a blank slate to work on, and some of the things people come up with are pretty damn cool. I know it's a ripoff of a cartoon, but I want this Totoro hoodie so bad. It looks fun to hang around the house in and go to events in. Maybe less appropriate for going to the supermarket though.

This one's simpler, but you could definitely wear it out and about without feeling embarrassed. I'm not an expert, but I think it's based on a hoodie worn by a cartoon character in a music video about an editing software? I'm a little confused myself.

This is the kind of hoodie that I'm probably going to end up making for spring and autumn. It looks like it's just made of a thin jersey knit fabric or t-shirt fabric. It's probably wearable as a long sleeved top in the hotter months, or even a sleeveless one if you make it that way.


I talked to my boyfriend about hoodies, and he says he's a fan of hooded shirts. He's got one or two, but he might get a bit pissed if I took one apart to see how it was made. Maybe if he's good I might track down, or even make, a pattern.
Have a look at the music video, see what you think.

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