Tuesday, 1 December 2015


 This white shirt has been a bit of a disaster from start to finish. Thank god I was using £1 a meter white cotton rather than my £12 a meter fashion fabric. That might have lead to more than just a bit of crying.

Today's update starts with trying to sew on sleeves in the flat. I had to fold down and press the top of the sleeve 1/4 inch and then sew it onto the armhole of the shirt growing from the middle to each end. The first one I did ended up not matching at all. The ends and the notches were shifted about 5 cm to one side. I cried a little and had a cup of tea, then had a closer look.

Turns out I'd sewn the left sleeve to the right arm hole.

I unpicked the sleeve and sewed it to the other armhole, then clipped the seam to make my flat felled seam, but then discovered I was supposed to match the fold I mad at the top of the sleeve head to the edge of the main shirt, rather than unfolding it and matching cut edge to cut edge. Since I'd already clipped the seam I just gave up on that since I've decided to make a fitting toile with just the front, back, one yoke and one sleeve and I'll have to attach a sleeve then.

I decided to give the cuff a try, not bothering with interfacing. I had to fold and press the edge again so I set my stitch length to its upper limit and just stitched with the stitching guide because I figured it would be easier than measuring it while ironing. It actually worked kinda well.

Getting the end of the sleeve and the cuff lined up was a bit hard but I did okay. Just half a cm off on one edge but it could be worse.

Once I was finished I was at a bit of a loss as to what to do with this shirt. It was never going to be wearable, but it was a bit big too waste. I ended up putting it on top of the rat cage and letting them have at it. Seemed fair, since I moved the cage so the curtains were out of reach. I went to take a picture of the shirt on the cage but it was already disappearing.

At least my sewing is appreciated. (While I was taking the second picture below and leaning over the cage, Serenity had a go at the hoody I was wearing.)


  1. Ugh, I've messed up 2 shirts before making a wearable third one. I am hoping that my next is going to be better:>
    Just keep calm and keep on sewing :>

    1. Doesn't help that it's the first fabric I've used without an obvious wrong side. :-)