Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Back To Work

I got alot done yesterday. Doing the washing up, the hoovering, cleaning out the rats, and putting at least half of my huge pile of cardboard recycling in the bin. That's all that would fit in the four cardboard boxes that belong to our flats, and I'm really hoping no one else has loads to get rid of. :-/

I even planted up a window box for my living/sewing room! It's full of bulbs that had started to sprout sitting around my house.

As for sewing, I only got a little bit of hand sewing done on the armholes of my spiderweb dress before I got the early signs of a migraine, i.e. patches of my vision grayed out. (I'd actually been feeling okay for most of the day.) The visual effects are actually a good thing, because it means I can take painkillers early. :-)

Thankfully, the Ibuprofen worked and about 2 hours later I was able to go back and finish the armholes and almost get the zip sewn in before bedtime. It'll be finished today!

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