Saturday, 5 December 2015

Mission Catwalk

I don't actually have any sewing to tell you about today, but it's been on my mind. I'm about halfway through To Die For and I'm really loving it. I am feeling kinda guilty about my fabric stash, though. It doesn't really count as fast fashion but it's certainly faster to buy fabric than to use it.

Reading about how textile fads can affect things in such a big way made me think of the alpaca farm near Dunchurch where I used to live. Since having another go at knitting is one of my goals for the near future I had a lot of fun window shopping on their website for yarn and patterns. :-)

And remember the fabric I was going to use to line the bodice of my tea dress? I pre-washed the whole 10 metre bolt yesterday and now it's hanging in my bedroom to dry. I'm just happy the washing machine coped.

This morning I went for a bike ride by the canal. It's nice and flat and I was feeling a bit guilty because I ate an entire cheesecake yesterday. :-P I made it 8 miles but the wind was so fierce I had to get up and push for a bit. Seriously, it was amazing!

I'll be spending the rest of the day in the relative warm of my flat watching a show called Mission Catwalk that I discovered on youtube. It's kinda like Project Runway but with a lot less bitching and drama. Plus, I love the idea of people from a different culture having an affect on our fashion, rather than just having their work used as 'inspiration,' (even though I still enjoy the fruits of that.)

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