Saturday, 19 December 2015

It Fits!

I spent a hideous amount of time ironing a piece of fabric yesterday morning. I preshrunk a 15 meter length of black fabric with purple honey bees and you just can't dry that much fabric on a drying rack. I tried! I need to dry my clothes!

After that I popped round to my parents to try the second toile for his shirt on my little brother. IT FITS! That means I can make it up in the final fabric and have at least one finished for Christmas. :-)

I got some buttons for them as well. I forgot to take the pattern with me so I just looked up a picture of the Negroni and saw 5 buttons on the front, so I bought 10 incase they both wanted the same buttons. I forgot about the cuffs and the pocket flaps, but I'm leaving off the flaps so only 7 needed.

The ones with white spots looked like they would most go with the pattern of little brothers shirt but we both agreed they looked more like something you'd find on a dress. I'll find a use for them but I do need to buy 4 more of the plain ones.

I got 4 22" zippers for dresses, and there's a 50p charge in the fabric shop if you buy less than £10 worth of stuff on a credit card, which is a great excuse to buy fabric. There was only 90 cm of this left on the bolt but that's enough for a skirt. :-)

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