Saturday, 12 December 2015

A Quick Update

I don't know if you'd say I've had a busy few days, but at least I got out of the house and got some things done.

I walked about an hour to try and get to a bike shop that turned out not to exist. I only needed a bike lock, so I tried at Tesco's just incase and it turns out I should have gone there first. Sigh... That's what I get for wanting to support local businesses. Bedworth doesn't seem to have any that don't sell greasy food.

When I got back to the flat I passed a delivery man leaving the building. I found a 'we missed you' notice and chased him down getting into his van. Dropped my phone and stood on it in the process. The punchline? He'd left the parcel with the neighbour.

So my phone's a little messed up, but it can still take pictures so no real harm done?

I finally got some sewing done today! Not on the shirts, but on a hammock for the rats. One of the girls, I think it was Beatrix, fell from a plastic platform to the bottom of the cage and it got me a little worried. She was fine, but better safe than sorry. I made a hammock with some cheap black polyester folded four times and quilted it with my odds and sods thread. I used bias binding on the edges just to cover all the thread ends and make little tags on the corners to hang it with.

It seemed to go down well. Maybe it'll just get eaten like the shirt I gave them but at least they won't be able to fall all the way down until they chew through at least two of the corners, and I have a whole lot more binding if I need to repair it.

I tried to distract them with food while I was putting it in, but they insisted on 'helping'.

Oh yeah, and I got me some plants! I'm going to try and pretty up the front garden, plant up some pots so when the landlord finally gets around to flattening the lawn I won't loose all my spring flowering bulbs. I'm probably going to plant them early next week if it doesn't rain. Cross your fingers for me?

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