Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Planning For Tomorrow And Stressing For Today

I got little brother's shirt cut out in the final fabric and all the interfacing stuck on yesterday, ready for sewing together in the morning before I pick up big brother so he can stay over for Christmas. I'm getting so worked up about getting everything finished for the big day but it's not as if they'll be angry if things are a day late. Especially considering what a terrible track record I have of giving gifts. :-/

I did want to show you guys my only UFO (unfinished object) that isn't very recent. It's a sweater with monkey faces on it and I love it. I stopped sewing it because it was my first time sewing with knits and I didn't have a whole lot of the fabric so I cut the side front panels widthways rather than lengthways. The fabric has a 4 way stretch so it isn't a total tragedy but as soon as it didn't behave perfectly in my overlocker all my issues came home to roost and I stuffed it under my desk. Maybe after Christmas I could do with a nice warm top?

I've planned out some more relaxed sewing for January, February and March. It does include some birthday presents but I'm going to give myself longer to work on them. :-)

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