Thursday, 17 December 2015

Back To The Dress

Since I couldn't do any more work on the shirt yesterday I turned back to the Simple Sew Tea Dress. The bodice needed a lot of adjustments so I marked my bust on the original toile and moved the bust dart, then added one and a half inches to the bottom. I cut another bodice toile from the skirt panels to test it out.

I had to add another dart going from the bust to the armhole to get rid of some extra fabric and add an inch or so to the side seam on the back piece but it looks like it fits.

The paper pattern looks a bit massacred but if it works than it works.

The front skirt piece was fine but I added a bit of width to the back skirt to make it match the bodice piece. The next step is to make it up out of my fashion fabric! :-)

Plus, I catalogued a load more fabric. This and the other lot added together fills an 80 litre tub. I've got 9 more tubs so I'll just keep going till I run out of fabric. :-)