Wednesday, 27 March 2013

The Stash Is Growing

I bought new cloth yesterday and I feel the shame. But not that much. My local fabric shop, part of the Abakhan chain, has a whole section that's dedicated to ends and seconds. It's about a third of the shop and there are some real gems in there.

This is quite a thick knit fabric, about the weight of vest fabric, that I want to make tops out of. There's about three meters and I loved it at first sight. It matches the scarf I'm knitting and some deeply buried part of me that's a confident, happy, outgoing person has always been drawn to tie-dye and bright colours. I want to bring her out more often.

I got three different dress fabrics as well. I'm calling them dress fabrics because the fabric in these piles is buy at your own risk, no washing instructions and no fiber content. The white and camel-y fabric is gorgeously soft and I imagine if I made it into something I'd just spend the whole day stroking it and feeling awesome.

The one in the middle is a stretch fabric that I accidentally payed the woven fabric price for. I don't know if it was better or worse. It's covered in little white Celtic knots on blue and black and each one has a dot of silver in the middle. This ones really soft as well. That seems to be an important factor for me.

The last one is my favorite. You can see the big stripes kind of clearly but what's harder to see is the pattern underneath. It's a paisley made with really thin lines and I really want to make this cloth into a top right now!

As for actual crafting, I added an inch to my scarf but not much else. Oh well.

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