Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Goals for the Year

I don't have any sewing to report from yesterday, as it was a uni day, so I thought I'd come up with some goals for the rest of the year. It's a bit late for new years resolutions but it's never a bad time to look ahead.

1. Make myself a statement coat. Something sinched at the waist in a bright colour that instantly makes you look put together, even if you brushed your hair on the walk in and haven't had breakfast yet. I have black coats and grey coats, and hoodies for when I need to relax, but none of them say classic style.

2. Make lots of leggings! I want to start wearing dresses and skirts more often, but I'm not that comfortable with my legs right now. I'm going to be wearing tights sometimes, but I'd really love some colourful leggings to cycle in and to put on when it's a bit to cold to go without. I've even got the pattern, I just need to get the fabric and the construction knowledge.

3. Make a shirt dress that doesn't just look like I'm wearing someone else's shirt. I'll probably use a blue and white striped fabric to give it a nice clean feel and I'd definitely like to finish it before summer. It's just one of those things that, if I combined it with a nice belt, would probably look quite good.

4. Make at least one knee length black skirt. I think I have a grand total of three black skirts at the moment, one which drags along the ground and ground and two that might belong to a lady of the night. I'm not even sure I bought any of them myself! One was second hand (too long) and another was bought by a boyfriend (imagine the slutty school girl look). I just need some simple, black skirts that I can wear with a nice top and look presentable. It's a wardrobe staple.

5. Get knitting! I've made a few rectangular scarves and tried to make a jacket for a friends baby, but nothing for a while now. (The baby grew faster than the jacket and the project was abandoned.) I'd like to get my needles back out this year and make use of the time I spend on trains and sitting around. Who knows, if I start now I might get some things completed by the time it gets cold!

6. Make up one of the Sewaholic garments. I've been reading through the blog from the beginning recently and it's really helped my get excited about sewing. I want to show a little gratitude and I really want the clothes!

7. Make a bag. I either want something simple and practical to carry my laptop in or a fun backpack. I pretty much carry a bag everywhere and I get through them quickly, overloading them with books and anything I feel like I might possibly need. Maybe if I made one myself with pockets for all the things I carry I'd be more organised?

8. Make pretty summer dress, something flowery and floaty that will make me feel pretty and happy.

9. Have a go at making a basic cosplay costume. It sounds like a fun thing to do and an interesting community. I'm enough of a nerd to wear it to conventions.

10. Read more about sewing. You can never learn too much and I want to learn as much as I possibly can. I'll be reading blogs like I normally do and borrowing books from the library.

That list, university and my job should keep me busy for most of the year. That and all the other interesting projects that sidetrack me.

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