Friday, 29 March 2013

All Or Nothing

 I didn't manage to post on yesterday so this post is going to be about both Wednesday and Thursday.

Thursday is simple, I didn't get anything done. Not even a little bit of knitting. I lay in bed reading sewing blogs most of the day then at 6:40pm I set of walking for a party that started at 8. I got their fashionable late and had loads of fun meeting people and chatting till midnight, then thankfully I got a lift home.

Wednesday was a lot better. I added loads to my scarf and I'm actually starting to think I might get it finished this weekend. I'm going down to visit my parents today so I won't be able to do any sewing unless I bring it down and use my mums machine.

Got lots of pattern copying as well. I copied out five pieces from the 40s dress pattern and then found out I only needed four of them. There are different pattern pieces for the two different necklines and I accidentally made one of both. If I like one I'll probably have a go at the other though, so it's not a waste.

I did basting stitching for the first time on the neck of the Jacket toile on both the front and back pieces. I'd actually forgotten how thin this stuff is. When I thought about it in my head it seemed a lot thicker like upholstery fabric. Really it's just a thick-ish cotton.

After that I finally sewed the first seam! How long has it been since I started this? Almost a month I think.

I sewed the seams that connect the front to the side-front and realized that some patches of this cloth are really discoloured. I'm thinking it's probably either from smoke or being touched by people, but I don't smoke or fondle my curtains so I don't have much experience with this.

Finally I made a little hem along the top of my pockets. They get folded over again before they're attached to the garment and there's loads of weird stitching and clipping that makes me really glad I'm including them in the toile.

That's it for now. I still need to figure out what knitting project I want to do next so I can bring the supplies with me to my parents house later today. I'm staying for four nights so I need to be prepared!

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