Saturday, 9 March 2013

So Close to Sewing!

I'm starting to get bored with pinning and cutting this fabric. It's quite thick and a bit stiff so it's hard to pin and using pattern cutting paper instead of tracing paper doesn't make it any easier. I'm thinking for future projects I'll copy the pieces onto white paper to make alterations and then make tracing paper pieces from that. I may be making it a bit over-complicated but I like the idea of finding a few patterns I like and making a few versions.

I'm also thinking of trying to make a pattern or two of my own. I know a bit about making patterns so it's worth a try and if I make something that I think is worthy I could try selling it. I doubt that'll happen but it's a way to make me strive for a professional finish.

I'm putting in this picture in because I was quite proud of my paper placement. Silly, I know. (Sorry about the stripe. It wasn't on the preview screen.)

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