Saturday, 30 March 2013

Ah, There's The Shame

What can I say? I've been naughty...

I went into Abakhan and bought about £70 worth of fabric (minus a student discount) and I'm hoping I can turn it into a spring/summer wardrobe.

On loads of the sewing blogs I read they've talked about making a colour pallet to organise your sewing. I really loved this idea, but I don't think I'm very good at mixing an matching yet so I decided to go for something simple.

I decided to choose black, white, grey and blue. They're colours I gravitate to anyway and it'll be really easy to get used to creating outfits rather than throwing on jeans, a t-shirt and a huge hoodie.

I scrounged through the remnants bins and found some fabrics I liked, all in my chosen colours. Firstly a slightly off white, soft fabric with denim coloured stripes. I would love to turn a bit of it into a shirt, maybe two. Then a slightly see through striped fabric. The blue is a bit lighter and really lovely but I'll need lining to be decent. I'd love to turn it into a cute floaty top, maybe with two layers, the bottom one longer than the top?

The heart fabric is something a bit out there for me, but I saw it and thought 'dress'! Incase you can't see, some of the hearts are filled in with glitter. I hardly ever wear dresses because I just don't buy them. I'm quite pear-shaped so the ones that fit my top half don't fit my bottom and vice versa, but this is why making your own clothes is great.

The last one I thought needed a closeup, and probably deserves a better one than this. It's covered in little diamond shaped grids in blue and black and there's a really interesting stripe along the edges.

But wait, there's more! The one on the left has thin, broken grey stripes that I adore, and that I need a shirt in. The middle is soft with a great drape that I feel I need to take advantage of. I don't usually go for floral clothes but I think it would look really sweet in some kind of cowl neck or wrap around.

The black and grey on the end looks like a polyester in the picture but it feels like a natural fabric. I'm not sure what I want to do with it yet but I'm sure I'll get some ideas.

These don't fit my current colour pallet but since I haven't really got the hang of trousers I'll be sticking them in the cupboard anyway. The two light ones and the desert camouflage are trouser/jean type fabrics and the other one is a bit lighter.

I just fell in love with the pattern. I've never seen pixelated camo before and I needed to snap it up in case it was one of those one season fads. I'm a big fan of quirky details like this. These four fabrics cost about £30 but they range form 3 to 4 meters so that's pretty good value.

Lastly, another case of pattern over pallet. The little circles and dots are baby pink and I love the colour combination. I think it might end up being the inspiration for my autumn/winter wardrobe.

The 8 lengths of cotton cost me about £40 and they aren't short! I love a bargain!

Oh yes, and I also added about five inches to my knitting. :)

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