Wednesday, 4 November 2015

I Got The Sewing Machine Going!

I put my sewing table together yesterday. It's huge, three meters by one meter, and meant to be a dining table so there's room to lie out a whole pinned pattern. I can fold it down to one by two if I want to, but I only have three pieces of furniture spread out over two rooms. :-P

I've started sewing a practice version of a dress I want to wear to the fireworks display on Saturday. I only need to add the zip and seams. I'm going with Dad and Little Brother so they don't care what I'm wearing, but I seem to do better with challenges. That and this fabric is autumn themed, brown with sycamore seed pods, so if I don't use it soon it'll go back into the box fr a year.

I forgot how good it feels to create like this. :-)

1 comment:

  1. Who-hoo! Happy sewing!
    The 3 m table sounds like a good sewing mojo booster :>