Thursday, 14 January 2016


I've been working on little projects since my last post, and forgot to line up a post for yesterday so I'll just dump it on you in one go. :-)

Firstly, I clipped loads of those little pills you get on wool off of my favorite coat. I love that coat, it's a Juju & Christine one that I bought at the Whitby Goth Weekend, but it's a few years old and it's showing it's age. It's lost some buttons and the faux leather bit that anchors one of the toggles has lost it's black top surface and is now just the dark beige knit fabric base. I need to get around to fixing this coat! :-P

I also sorted out this box of books and took out the ones I wanted to keep. The ones shown here are going to the charity shop next time I pass through town.

The trough on my windowsill is sprouting! I borrowed a drill from my dad this Sunday so I can add holes in the big outside pots to let them drain. The empty ones were easy but the one I had already filled was a bit more tricky. I propped it up on the garden wall and when I broke through with the drill about a litre of water came dribbling out. There's a good chance the daffodils have drowned in the three-ish weeks it took me to get around to doing that. :-(

And here is my project from the sewing class. It's a basic straight skirt toil that I'm getting help filling perfectly. I probably need one more lesson to get it perfect and then I'm going to build other skirt patterns that fit using this as a base. It's been most enlightening at the back, because I've never had a good look back there so I don't know how well or badly things fit. It didn't come as a surprise I had a swayback, though.

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