Saturday, 2 January 2016

New Years Resolutions And A Day Of Sewing

Yay! It's a new year! And yesterday I tried to start things well.

I've looked back at the last set of new year resolutions I posted on here. They were all the way back at the start of 2014. I stopped sewing just a bit after that so most of them went out of the window, like making something every month or doing something sewing related every day. I did stop buying cheap fabric... or any fabric, and I did start making adjustments... just before the end of the year.

So, this year's resolutions?

1) Eat Better! I'd like to loose a bit of weight but it's more about being healthy. I've always eaten a lot of junk food when I don't put any thought into it, but I can change! I only need to really work hard when I'm in the supermarket.

2) Exercise! I enjoyed cycling near the end of last year, but I'd like to make it part of my routine. It's wonderful on the towpath when it hasn't been raining.

3) Destash! I have far too much fabric, but I'm addicted so I don't know if full on cold turkey is going to work. I do need to buy a lot less than I sew this year.

4) Try new things! I want to try more techniques that are new to me and make things I haven't before like the corset I see in my future.

5) Embellishments! I'd love to try doing something with decoration. Even give beading a go?

6) Read more books about sewing! God knows I've bought enough.

7) Fix it or dump it! I've got to get rid of all the clothes I have that I never wear and will never put on, and fix everything that needs fixing. Quite a bit of it will be going to the rats.

But back to now. Yesterday I spent the whole day sewing my little brothers shirt. Just for the record, sewing flat felled seams on sleeves is hell!

It helps when you don't sew the body of the sleeve into the seam. -.-

I got to the point of putting on the first cuff, then went to turn it rightside out and realised I'd sewn it on wrong. It was about 6pm so time to call it a day and I unpicked it ready for a second try tomorrow.

If I keep on like this I'll definitely be able to finish the Christmas presents before the end of January! :-P

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