Thursday, 28 January 2016

I Read A Lot Of Blogs

I read a lot of blogs, but I don't tend to read them like you would expect. I tried subscribing to them and reading posts when they came up but I had a tendency to not check it for a day or two... or a month, and when you go back that far and try to find where you were, you've forgotten most of it.

When I found something I was able to recognise and read forward from it, it was like reading more than one book and switching every page. Maybe that works with two or three but more than a dozen and you start asking yourself when Ahab will slay the alien. Whether Lady Chatterley will fall in love with Snape or Dumbledore.

So, when I find a blog I want to read I stick it in my favorites. When I get around to it I go to the archive tab, go right to the first post, and read forward from there. Then I bookmark the specific post and go off and do the same thing on another blog.

So if I used to leave comments on all your posts but don't any more, that's why...

I told you all this because I was going through alidamakes's archive and came across a post from back in May of 2013. It had a quote I felt I needed to share.

Makes me think of all the bad dresses I made. Makes me feel a bit better about them.

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  1. It's really true, not quitting until you get to the point your skill level matches your expectations takes longer than you expect or like.