Saturday, 25 January 2014

The Finished Postal Dress

I finally got the red dress finished and I photographed it when I got to my mums. Well, she photographed it. The hall of my parents house is quite dark so even though it was a sunny day the photo didn't come out well. I'm glad we got it done then because half an hour later we had hail and thunder.

It doesn't look that bad in this picture but I'm not happy with it. It has pointy bits at the end of the bust darts, I have trouble lifting my arms and my hips are too big to fit into the unaltered dress comfortably. It's also very unflattering unbelted, but with the belt it's kinda okay.

I get the feeling this dress, or a version of it, might be good for wearing under a corset with some tweaking to the sizing and the darts. It might even look quite pretty.

This was the first non stretch garment where I've tried to finish the seams with my overlocker and it was quite trial and error. For the seams between the main body and the sleeves I tried using it like one would do hongkong seams with them pressed open but the machine wasn't very happy and they don't look right, but for the side seams I just sewed it like normal and overlocked the two edges together. It looks a lot better. The facing is just pinked and invisibly handstitched to the seams. It's definitely the neatest garment inside yet.

So not my favorite, but not a disaster either. A learning experience.


  1. This is lovely! Love the title post too :)x

  2. I think it looks lovely and the belt goes so nicely with it!

  3. yay, it's finished - even if you want to tweak the pattern a little. A narrower seam finish under the arms works really well - but I guess you already know that!

  4. The dress is very pretty, and if you are not used to wearing fitted clothes, it may feel uncomfortable. The belt looks wonderful - you have a nice waist and shape (yes, I've just scrolled through some of your recent posts) - a nice curvy figure, pity poor me, a straight skinny figure :). Keep yourself healthy, move away from negative influences (no is a good word!). Your research on weight is quite good :)

  5. It looks very cool. Love the shape of the cleavage!

  6. Your dress looks great on you! The belt is perfect with it.