Wednesday, 22 January 2014

My Relationship To Food, Part 2

I'm guessing my last post was a bit boring. Don't worry, this one should be a bit more relevant and the next one is about a dress, so we're back to the sewing.

Recently new (or new to me) research confirmed what most people know, that dieting may work for a little while but your chances of putting the weight back on and more besides is very high. It turns out that your body seriously resists loosing weight, which makes sense if you live in a hunter gatherer society and not having enough calories to maintain yourself is a very bad thing, but humans weren't designed to live in a world where food was abundant and eating too much was more of a threat than eating too little.

Dieting makes you obsessed with food. Your brain telling you louder and louder that you NEED food and no amount of mental strength can hold up to that onslaught. To make it worse, your body has an idea of what your normal size is, and it's much easier for it to go up then down. Once it's gone up it gets even harder to get healthy.

Currently some scientists believe our best option is to develop better appetite suppression drugs and combat our cultures obesity problem, but that's a long way off for most of us. Until then I need another plan.

My plan? Vegetables. I'm thinking I'll pack the fridge at home with bags of carrots and celery and when I feel just a little bit hungry and I get tempted I'll grab some and munch away to my hearts content. I have absolutely no idea if it'll work but it's worth a try and even if it doesn't it'll be much more fun that eating pizza and hating myself for it.


  1. Hi Virginia,
    I think maybe you could try new healthy recipes. This way you won't feel bored when eating vegetables!

  2. I've not mentioned it on my blog, but I'm trying Intermittent Fasting (per Michael Mosley's documentary. I've got health issues taht make losing weight tricksy so not sure how that will go. I'm hoping it'll improve my insulin resistance as PCOS tends to end up with Type 2 Diabetes (which I don't have nor want to have)

    1. I'll have to look into that, it sounds interesting. Also, I know what you mean about Diabetes. My dad has type one and it causes a lot of problems. :-(