Wednesday, 1 January 2014

New Years Resolutions

My 2013 goals for the year kind of fell flat.

I didn't manage to make a statement coat, leggings, a shirt dress, a knee length black skirt, a sewaholic garment, a bag, a summer dress or a cosplay outfit. My seven new items are all nice but they're a bit random. I don't know if I'd have bought any of them in the shops but four were intended as wearable muslins and I never buy scarves.

Ironically, I think the first one I made was my favorite. My lovely red top that I made with my granny. I bought the fabric specifically for the project and it doesn't require any kind of fitting. I'll just have to up my game in 2014.

I do have goals for the new year but they're a bit more vague this time.

1) Do some sewing related work every day when it's feasible. Trace something or sew something together or do some embroidery. I stopped trying to do something everyday during 2013 and almost stopped sewing completely after my boyfriend moved in.

2) Make a garment every month. It's not that much but it'll keep me on course.

3) Stop buying cheap fabric. Given how slowly I sew I might as well save up and get nicer fabric. At least stuff I really like. Once I've used up or gotten rid of my stash I can make a wardrobe of clothing I can truly be proud of.

4) Start making adjustments to patterns that need it. Most clothing patterns were made for people who were medium height to tall and a standard B cup, whereas I'm built like a hobbit wench. I'm not complaining, I've gotten used to it by now, but it means that most clothing won't fit straight out of the packet.

5) Try to sew birthday/christmas presents and give them to people on time. I've never been very good with gift giving. I leave it too late then get overwhelmed with the task.

6) Have fun! This is supposed to be a hobby!

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  1. Great goals! I'm also trying to do number 1 and 2.