Tuesday, 7 January 2014


I've got two complete tops! The white one and the blue one (that I'm currently wearing) are finished and the gold, silver and green ones only need their cuffs sewing on.

I've got a load more that I'm going to sew together with black tread when I get the overlocker rethreaded, but I think I need a break from making the same pattern again an again, and I don't mean just the darn tidying.

I'm currently trying to pack my life into a series of plastic crates and trying to get rid of everything I don't need or don't use, and there's a lot of it. I'm a clutterbug, a hoarder and a mess.

At least if I cut things out I can leave the scraps behind.


  1. Nice work! You'll have quite a nice bunch of shirts when you are done.

  2. Hi Hazel - I've sent you an invite to the Make a Garment a Month Challenge, so I thought I would come and say hi. I love your New Look 6216 - I'm playing with the long sleeve version at the moment - I saw your review, and you are right, it is not a worker as it is :). Your short version looks gorgeous on you.