Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Dressing Gowns

I was at the charity shop yesterday and felt horrific when I came home so there was no sewing done, plus it seems from my chesty cough and lack of energy today that Chris has been a dear and shared whatever was making him feel like a half eaten beef jerky.

So I've spent all of today in bed in my dressing gown drinking energy drinks and dosing up with paracetamol. That isn't good for my to do list but it at least gave me something to talk about.

As far as I'm concerned there seems to be two kinds of dressing gown, big fluffy ones that you wear when you're wet or sick and long, flowing, silky ones that you wear to feel sexy and before you've decided how to dress that day.


Dressing in a soft, slightly old lady like dressing gown is awesome when you feel like death warmed up, when  you're wet from the shower or even soaked from cold rain but knowing there are two types shows me a big dearth in my wardrobe. I've never had a sexy dressing gown but I want one.

The problem is, I can't see myself buying one. In shops they're very much seen as a luxury item and the prices are high, plus they seem to be not that fashionable at the moment so they're hard to find on the high street.

It's when you start delving into vintage and vintage style clothing that you start to find what I'm after. See-through fabrics, silks and sex appeal, fur and lace trim, anything that makes you feel a million pounds!


Maybe I'll just have to make myself a couple. Just another thing to add to my to do list. Until then I'll just look at all the pretty pictures on Pinterest.


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