Sunday, 16 June 2013

All The Fixin's

I was reasonably busy yesterday even though I didn't really leave bed. I put the last two buttons on my black top so I could wear it today to meet the boyfriends grandparents. I really like it and I think it looks even better than it did before.

Also, I sorted the big bags of buttons I got from Abakhan! There was one of some and I think over a hundred of  the blueish ones. I'm really looking forward to using the toggles and the beaded ones but there are others that will probably sit in my draw till I decide I have to organize a project around them or give them away.

Finally, I've been working really hard to either fix clothes or get rid of them so I pulled out a pair of trousers I haven't worn for over two years. They have these straps across the legs that are sewn down between the holes but the stitch lines ripped an it dragged along the ground. I spent ages sewing the three lines of stitching then went to try them on. Tragedy! I discovered that not just the strap was broken, the zip was broken! One side of the zip had come unconnected from one side and some of the teeth are missing. I'll probably replace it but not quite yet. I have to get back to my gingham dress.

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