Tuesday, 24 December 2013

My Next Knitting Project?

I didn't have a picture of dad
in a jumper so you get one of
him dressed as Gimli at my
brothers wedding.
I'm not really very good at sewing for other people, but knitting is a bit different. I seem to find knitting a more enjoyable experience in and of itself, rather than doing it for the sense of achievement and the resulting garment.That's one of the reasons I think I'll be able to put the time and effort into making my dad a jumper.

The other is that I know he'll wear it. Dad pretty much lives in them in winter and kept one his mum made for 30 years! (It got eaten by moths.) I know it's a bit late in the season to be starting a knitting project but, lets be honest, what are the chances I get it finished before next winter?

I did initially want to cheat and get some 'sweater knit' fabric to sew up into a jumper but I couldn't find anything that looked right. Brandhyze Stanley at the Mood Fabrics blog made some lovely mittens out of just the type of fabric I was looking for but I couldn't find any I liked in the shop. There was only two and they looked a bit thinner and more feminine than I can imagine dad wearing. I'm thinking they have more in the shop but they don't put everything online.

I searched ravelry and there aren't any free patterns with the look I want to I'll have to trawl through the for sale ones and put my money where my mouth is. Luckily the wool I made my scarf out of would look okay (if a bit quirky) and knitting patterns don't cost that much.

I haven't told dad about this yet, apart from asking what he'd think, but I'm going to have to get his measurements before I start so it's not going to be a big surprise.

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