Tuesday, 12 November 2013


I've been away from my blog for a bit, partly because I started a degree on the 5th of October in Health Sciences and it's taking up loads of my time. I should have expected that, but it feels a lot harder than I was expecting.

My other excuse was the Whitby Goth Weekend. I had more fun than last time but I've decided to skip the one next April so I can save up more money and even make something myself that I can wear. I did buy some pretty things, though.

Firstly, a slightly silly jumper. It's a bit scratchy, but looks really nice to wear over a small top and be both decent, pretty and warm. It looks like it wouldn't be warm enough to go outside in the winter without a coat and that makes 'looking cool' a bit irrelevant, but when spring comes around I'll be happy.

Then, something I specifically went to get. I know it, again, looks a little bit ridiculous, but I have a knee length coat in the same kind of design and I LOVE it! The sort of post-apocalyptic arts and crafts look is something I'm really into at the moment. I can't wait to wear this over a white shirt. (I probably need more white shirts).

Finger-less mittens! Full of fur! Yay!

I got some crafty stuff as well. I got 400g of each of the grey wools that one of the local shops had, and two grey tartans from different places. The one that's all grey (the bottom one in the picture) is possibly a poly-cotton blend in a thinner, trouser weight fabric that I got as a bolt end at the Whitby fabric shop that I really want to make into trousers because I'm seriously running low on pairs that fit.

The other tartan is grey, white and black with little lines of red that I got as surplus at a custom clothing stall. It's looser and softer and would make a great coat, and it's definitely better quality than the other one.

Nest post I should be able to share a finished garment, I just need to hand hem it and add elastic at the waist.

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