Thursday, 11 July 2013

Procrastination And Shoes!

If you look around on craft blogs and pinterest, sometimes it seems like you can make pretty much anything. You want a bright orange trench coat with polka dots? It's not that hard. You need a 32G bra? There's a pattern out there somewhere. Need a historically accurate dress for your live action role play group? Just need to put the hours in!

The one thing I thought was beyond my reach was making my own shoes. They're complicated, require a load of specialist equipment and they're made of one of the harder materials to work with.

That was until I saw on another blog (I can't remeber which right now but when I do I'll put it up) that you could take shoe making courses. I think they did it in New York, which is a bit far for me to travel, so I set out on Google.

Most of the places that do it seem to work from London, to be expected, and there seems to be a wide range of things to do. You can do everything from expensive three week courses to a hen party and all types of shoes from simple sandals to high heals!

I love the idea of it but I'm definitely not shelling out £2000 or heading down to London for my first experience so I managed to track down someone closer to home. Samantha Gillan is a woman based in Wolverhampton, sorta' near me, and offers one or two day courses. The pictures aren't great and I'd need more details. What do you think?

Some more places to try:

I CAN make shoes
University of the Arts, London
Prescott and Mackay
Paul Thomas Shoes


  1. Maybe it was the Carreducker blog? I'm sure they've taught classes in the USA

    1. No, it was an amateur sewer I think. Zoe from 'So Zo' made sandals but that's all I can find.